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Let Property Insurance

We are very experienced in providing insurance for landlords and have a range of insurers offering quality Insurance at very competitive premiums. It does not matter if you own one or multiple properties or if they are residential or commercial premises. We can provide you with the cover you need to ensure your investment is correctly Insured and provide you with the sense of security that in the event of a claim your properties are in safe hands.

When purchasing Insurance for any property you let you will need to consider the following covers:-

Property damage:

  • Covers loss or damage caused by a number of situations including fire, lightning, explosion, storm or flood, escape of water from tanks, apparatus or pipes, impact by vehicles, theft or attempted theft following forcible and violent entry to or exit from your premises, accidental damage and subsidence.
  • Cover also includes professional fees, removal of debris costs, alternative residential accommodation where the residential parts of the building are unfit for occupation and damage to grounds resulting from damage to the buildings

Loss of rent:

  • Covers loss of rental income following damage to the buildings or contents by any cause covered by the Property damage section. Indemnity periods of 12, 24, or 36 are common.

Property owner's liability:

  • Provides £2m cover for sums you become legally liable to pay in respect of accidental injury to any person or accidental loss or damage to material property happening in the connection with the properties insured.

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