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Household Insurance

For most people the purchase of their home is the most significant investment they will ever make. Therefore we believe insuring your investment correctly is a simple and logical way you can protect your future.

The best way to insure your property is to identify your needs and then find a policy that suits you. Never find a policy that is the "right Price" and try and convince yourself the cover is adequate.  We will take time to understand your needs and help find a policy that is suitable for your needs.

When choosing to insure your home you must consider the value of the following items;

  • Buildings sum insured (amount it would cost to re-build your home)
  • All your contents; furniture, electrical & white goods, pictures ornaments & mirrors
  • High value items, such as jewellery, paintings, antiques, precious metals. Some Insurers now include Electrical equipment such as TV's and Computers as High Value items.
  • Personal possessions; jewellery, watches, sports equipment etc. that are likely to be taken away from the home.
  • Items insured within the home are normally insured on a "new for old" basis, meaning in the event of a claim for an insured item you would get a new replacement.
  • Consideration should be given to carpets and "fitted" furniture. Some insurers would consider these to be part of the building sum insured, so please make sure you include these items.
  • Further discounts are available if you combine both buildings and contents insurance into one policy and whilst not as large as those applying to motor insurance, a no claim discount is offered by most insurers.

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